Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s GirlFest

Office of the Washington State Climatologist at GirlFest in Seattle

JISAO’s Nick Bond and Karin Bumbaco had a booth as part of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s GirlFest at the Century Link Event Center on September 24th.

GirlFest is a day-long celebration for girls to celebrate “everything cool about bing a girl.” Activities included hip hop dance lessons, an obstacle course, T-shirt design, horses, robots, and of course, science experiments.

Nick and Karin displayed an activity encouraging girls to think about the best places in Washington to place rain gauges. The girls placed miniature rain gauges in a box over a waterproof map of Washington State while discussion potential strategies for designing a rain collection network. They covered the box with plexiglass drilled with holes in sized that match the amount of precipitation received in each region of the state. Students then got to test their network by making it rain over the state using a plastic watering can.