DO-It Scholars Summer Program

Karin working with studentKarin Bumbaco, with the Office of the WA State Climatologist, met with students in the DO-IT Scholars Summer Program. The program enables students with disabilities to get a head start on learning important concepts that they will encounter in college. Karin’s session was a part of a weeklong workshop called “Responding to Natural Disasters” which included visits to the National Weather Service and UW’s Seismology Lab, where the students learned about flooding, severe weather, oil spills, and earthquakes.

Karin had the students for 2.5 hours and spent the first half of the session teaching the difference between weather and climate and the diversity of climate throughout WA State. An introduction to global climate change and the potential impacts (and hazards) on WA State was also discussed. During the second half of the session the students were split into three groups and cycled through three different interactive activities. JISAO colleagues Laura Hinkelman and Guillaume Mauger helped facilitate the activities. Guillaume and Karin’s demonstrations built onto the earlier discussions and helped solidify the weather vs. climate concept and illustrated the variations in climate throughout the state. Laura’s activity showed how clouds form which she demonstrated by having the students create a cloud in a bottle.