Staff Spotlight: Mariona Claret

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mariona on the beachMariona is an ocean modeller who joined JISAO in 2016 as postdoc to work on the oceanic anthropogenic carbon sink with Rolf Sonnerup. Since then she has been coupling a carbon isotope model to a climate model to compare with global ocean observations. Mariona’s adventures in the New World started four years ago. From the Barcelona she crossed the Pond and landed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to work on internal wave dynamics, and from there she moved further north to the Great White North at McGill University to investigate ocean deoxygenation.

Growing up in the Mediterranean, Mariona interests for the oceans started in her adolescence mesmerized by the beauty underneath the surface. Seeking to know more about the oceans she pursued a BSc in biology but got actually fascinated by the physics of the ocean. Therefore, she enrolled in a PhD in Physical Oceanography offered jointly by the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. During this time, she modeled idealized eddies, internal waves, and their interaction with biology.

During her spare time Mariona runs and dances. She loves nature, music, and most of all exploring the world to discover new cultures and places.