Tabor Graduate’s Science Lab is the Arctic Ocean

Heather McRae Tabisola,  2001 Tabor Academy graduate, will return to campus Feb. 20 to talk about the testing of the Saildrone, an innovative research tool in the Arctic to advance ocean observation.

Tabisola will share information about the autonomous platforms her group at NOAA is using, created by Saildrone Inc. Saildrone’s unmanned surface vehicles are outfitted with more than 40 meteorological and oceanographic research sensors. The drones, 23-foot-long sailboats, meander the seas between the United States and Russia to track ice melt, measure the ocean’s levels of carbon dioxide, and count fish, seal, and whale populations without a single human being on board. The wind- and solar-powered research vehicles are able to travel thousands of miles across the ocean, reaching some areas never before surveyed with such specialized technology.

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