Staff Spotlight: Adrienne Sutton

Research Scientist – Marine Carbon Group
Adrienne Sutton joined JISAO in January 2012 as a Research Scientist in the marine carbon group at the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL). 

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Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s GirlFest

Office of the Washington State Climatologist at GirlFest in Seattle
JISAO’s Nick Bond and Karin Bumbaco had a booth as part of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s GirlFest at the Century Link Event Center on September 24th. 

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Jake Zaragoza

2011 JISAO Summer Research Internship
Reconstructing past tropical climates
I am a chemistry undergraduate from Gonzaga University, and I had the awesome opportunity of being a “Husky” for the summer as a Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) intern. 

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Highlights from NOAA Science Camp

JISAO partnered with NOAA and Washington Sea Grant (WSG) for the ninth annual NOAA Science Camp in Seattle, with two sessions held during the weeks of July 18-22 and July 25-29, 2011.  

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HMS Plover High School Project

High school students comparing current temperature recording to 1850s data collected by the British Navy

JISAO research scientist Kevin Wood and other scientists with the international ACRE initiative are mentoring students who are evaluating air temperature and weather data collected in the 1850’s by the British Navy’s HMS Plover. 

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Angel Adames-Corraliza

2010 JISAO Summer Research Internship
Understanding aerosol optical properties over the American continents
I came from Puerto Rico for a second summer internship with JISAO so I could have a research experience before beginning graduate school at the University of Washington (UW) in the fall. 

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