Postdoc Program

The core post-doctoral program at JISAO will be soliciting applications this year. An announcement of opportunity will be posted in November with applications due in January. The expectation will be to hire 3-4 applicants. Applicants are required to submit a short research proposal and a letter from a supporting mentor from JISAO or faculty at the College of the Environment or from senior research scientists at NOAA laboratories in Seattle.

JISAO’s founding director John M. Wallace had the vision to commit a major share of JISAO’s core program budget to support postdoctoral research fellows. The program has been highly successful because postdocs are given the opportunity to construct their own research project, encouraging them to think broadly and also work closely with the distinguished scientists at the UW and the NOAA laboratories. The list of former JISAO postdocs is impressive and their current positions indicate the quality of scientists attracted to the program.

JISAO postdocs are appointed for one year with a second-year appointment available assuming reasonable progress. The appointment supports salary, travel expenses, and computing expenses. The program is primarily interested in postdocs whose research interests are aligned with the seven JISAO research themes. These research themes span atmospheric science, oceanography, climate, and fisheries science. Each postdoc works with a mentor located on the UW campus or at NOAA, Sand Point in Seattle.

For more information on JISAO’s core postdoc program, contact Thomas Ackerman, Director, at

Besides the core program, JISAO occasionally has opportunities for other types of postdoc appointments. For more information on about this, contact Mary Smith at

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