Ocean Ecosystems

Current Research Highlights

There are only a few hundred North Pacific right whales in existence. Past whaling decimated their population. What can be done now to avoid them becoming extinct? NOAA and JISAO personnel at the AFSC manage the most complete database on these whales, and are striving to learn more about their behavior and requirements. A key aspect of this work involves fitting individual whales with tags so that they can be tracked via satellite. JISAO scientist Amy Kennedy is one of the world’s experts in this kind of work. It is very challenging because these whales are so few in number. But it is also necessary, because this kind of information is essential for establishing critical habitats for North Pacific right whales as part of the Endangered Species Act.

Types of Research

  1. Fish ecosystem studies and management
  2. J-SCOPE
  3. Ocean acidification
  4. Ocean climate variability and climate change
  5. Marine mammals

Affiliated Programs

  1. NOAA Marine Mammal Laboratory
  2. Bering Sea Climate and Ecosystem
  3. Ecosystems and Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations

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