Steps for Hiring a New Employee

1. Write a job description. Most JISAO positions are within the UW Professional Staff Research Scientist titles; you can view the entire job list and some generic descriptions on the UW HR website. Consult with the JISAO HR Manager if you are unsure of the job title.

2. Complete a JISAO hiring request form and forward it to the JISAO HR Manager.

3. Consider various recruitment methods that might bring you the most qualified and diverse applicants. Inform the Assistant Director if you want to post the ad in other locations besides the official UW posting:

Inform the HR Manager if you want to post the ad in other locations besides the official UW employment site.

4.  Once you have identified top candidates, review the UW’s information on interviewing and reference checking.

5. When you have the top candidate, do not make an official offer until it has been approved. Send the name, proposed start date and salary to the HR Manager who will seek approvals through the CoEnv Dean’s office and UW Compensation office.

6. When approvals are received, you will be notified and you can then offer the position.

7. If the top candidate accepts, please ask them to do so in writing (email is fine).

8. The hire will then be finalized and an appointment letter with instructions for the new employee will be sent.

Tips for hiring managers

Policies for Hiring Postdocs (Research Associates)

1. Research Associate is an academic title, so the appointment has to go through a UW academic department.  JISAO organizes the hire and the approvals, but Research Associates must have a UW faculty mentor and a chair of an academic department (usually Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography or SAFS) has to approve the appointment in writing.

2. If it is a competitive recruitment, the job has to be posted on a site called Interfolio (which UW uses for all academic recruitment) and advertised for at least 30 days in a national periodical…usually the Chronicle of Higher Education.

3. If you have the postdoc already picked, it does not have to be posted anywhere and the person can be hired directly (though there’s still a lot of paperwork in Workday, and the aforementioned approval from an academic department).

4. To have the Research Associate title, we have to have a copy (electronic is ok) of their actual PhD diploma in hand.

5. If you want to hire the Postdoc before they have their diploma in hand, but after they’ve completed all of their Ph.D. work and defended their dissertation, they can be a “Postdoctoral Scholar-Conditional” for up to 12 months.

6. Usually Research Associate appointments do not exceed two years, and the individual’s total time as a postdoc (including UW and non-UW positions) cannot exceed five years.

7. Be aware that UW only sponsors visas for academic positions, so we can get J-1 visas for Research Associate positions (though almost never for a Research Scientist position).


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